A Simple Payroll Processing Guide for SME’s

By Ananth Balaraju A Simple Payroll Processing Guide for SME’s: If you have employees, you need to process payroll. Payroll refers to the process of calculating an employees’ net pay and paying the same to the employees at the end of each pay cycle. Payroll processing is a critical process for organizations irrespective of their

Payroll Automation for SMEs

By Ananth Balaraju Payroll processing is a critical process for organizations irrespective of their size or scale. While large organizations have large budgets and will invest in big ERP systems which also contain payroll modules, SME’s will have to keep in mind the overall costs which includes initial investment on technology and ongoing costs of

Simple Employee Onboarding Guide

By Ananth Balaraju In HR parlance, employee on boarding is defined as the process of familiarizing a new employee with the organization. Onboarding begins from the moment an offer is made to the employee until the time the employee becomes a productive member of the organization. On web research, you will find several articles on

Changing Employee Performance Management Process

By Ananth Balaraju As a part of my job, I speak to multiple HR organizations/teams in several organizations. In the recent past, several of my conversations were centred around the employee performance management process. Performance management is one of the most important functions of HR in an organization. To most people, performance management means an

HR Imperatives for 2020 and beyond

By Sharad Deshpande Explosion of data and methods to collect, collate and draw meaningful and timely insights have had a significant impact on every function within an organization over the last decade. This is true, be it in Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Customer Support, Product Engineering and the like. Sales, for example, has become far

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