By Ananth Balaraju

Digital Attendance Management:

Attendance tracking & management is a critical process for organizations irrespective of their size or scale. With the pandemic running its course for the 2nd consecutive year and companies offering flexible and hybrid working modes, managing employee attendance is becoming a huge challenge for the HR and companies in general. The flexible and hybrid working models allows employees to work from office, home or anywhere. For this the employees need to be provided with options to mark their attendance from office, home or anywhere else. To add, every company will have its own attendance policies across different bands or groups of employees and it needs to be integrated with leave management. 

Manual/Spreadsheet based tracking and management is time consuming, resource intensive and error prone. It is tedious and leads to missed attendance records, miscalculated leaves and faulty data input for payroll processing.

There are additional challenges in terms of managing employee experience in terms of anytime anywhere employee self-service: The ability for employees to digitally access their attendance and leave data. 


Challenges of manual attendance tracking

Considering all this, one can conclude the following:

  • Manual tracking is not an option anymore in this digital era and companies need to adopt latest digital technologies.
  • A digital attendance system which can gather attendance data from multiple sources, like biometric devices, web based clock-in & clock-out, mobile based clock-in and more importantly AI based face recognition technologies is the need of the hour.
  • · An attendance system which can integrate with leaves and centralized employee database, seamlessly process the same and be the single source of truth for all attendance related records to employees and management.
  • Companies should consider improving employee experience by digitizing attendance and providing a single interface (employee self service).  

Bearing the above in mind, companies and HR departments should look for an integrated attendance management platform.

It is here that cloud/SaaS based technology vendors come into the picture. They offer, robust technology along with flexibility & affordability. Again, there cloud be multiple SaaS/cloud vendors, but companies need to keep in mind the integrated approach while selecting a suitable vendor.

hrEntries offers an Integrated, Modern, Digital Attendance Management Solution on cloud for companies to automate their attendance management and at same time provide superior employee experience.

For more information, please write to us at info@hrentries.com

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