By Ananth Balaraju

In HR parlance, employee on boarding is defined as the process of familiarizing a new employee with the organization. Onboarding begins from the moment an offer is made to the employee until the time the employee becomes a productive member of the organization.

On web research, you will find several articles on this topic and most of them are quite exhaustive and impractical. Several of them suggesting that the onboarding process extends for months. But for most SME’s this is impractical.

In this guide we focus on simple, practical and straight forward steps for SME’s to create an effective on boarding process/checklist. It should involve creating an environment in which the employee is made comfortable enough to interact freely with their colleagues and establish social relationships in the workplace.

Specifically, it involves getting the employee to complete the necessary paperwork for statuary compliance and equipping them with all the tools they need to do their job well. During onboarding, employees learn what the organization expects from them in terms of skills, communication style, and attitude.


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