incentives management

Incentives Management Capabilities

hrEntries enables you to structure and manage any number of incentive plans, basing them either on sales, production or target achievement status. You can map various employees to various incentive plans per your sales/production/business strategies. Setting pre-determined targets and tracking performance against the same and ensuring accurate incentive computations per policies ensure frictionless incentives administration across diverse teams.

You can additionally manage:

  • Create any number of incentive plans
  • Incentive plans can either be simple target achievement based or complex multi-tiered plans with incentives based on percentage achievements
  • Employees can be mapped to incentive plans
  • Auto compute Incentive Payouts based on Target Attainment Levels
  • Gain clear insights into performance management
  • Identify your most productive employees over time and reward them

Our clients say

"hrEntries has helped us to significantly streamline our critical HR processes."
Suman Chakraborty
HR Head
"Our payroll today gets processed within hours. This is a significant change from how it used to be before. We are very pleased with the ease of use and flexibility."
Vidya ranganathan
Payroll Leader
"We have deployed the performance management solution across our multiple offices, across geographies. The product's simplicity and comprehensiveness enabled us to configure per our organizational policies."
Justin Sebastian
Vice President HR
"We have migrated our entire HR processes onto hrEntries. It has been a very pleasant experience working with the product and the team."
Ethendranath t
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