Payroll management

Payroll Management Capabilities

hrEntries provides comprehensive support for single-click payroll processing. It supports all input processes and post processes associated with payroll processing that can be configured to the needs of the business. With hrEntries, maintaining statutory compliance (India) is now a breeze.

You can additionally manage:

  • Adhoc hikes/deductions under any payheads
  • Arrears processing and payouts
  • Leave encashments and Loss of Pay inputs
  • Loan/Advance management and recoveries
  • Variable Pay & Bonus Payouts
  • Incentives computation and payouts
  • Full and Final Settlement
  • Investment Declarations & Proof submissions
  • Detailed Tax computations per latest statutes
  • Compensation revisions and history
  • Maker-Checker processes for payroll finalization

Comprehensive Data Visualization and Reporting:

  • Aggregate payroll numbers by Months
  • Month wise Journal entries
  • Export Pay Slips into PDF format
  • E-Mail Pay Slips to employees (present as well as past)
  • Simplified Salary register download
  • Process Pay Run directly from dashboards
  • Detailed analytical reports to compare Pay Runs
  • Comprehensive reports that span Payroll and Attendance
  • EPF and ESI can be configured both at organizational and individual levels

Our clients say

"We are very happy with our decision to implement hrEntries. The transition process was smooth with extensive support from the hrEntries team. Today our HR processes, including payroll get processed seamlessly. This is a significant change from how it used to be before. We are very pleased with the ease of use, flexibility and the breadth of the platform. I strongly recommend hrEntries for any company looking to bring in process efficiencies in HR through automation."
Pashant K
"Our payroll today gets processed within hours. This is a significant change from how it used to be before. We are very pleased with the ease of use and flexibility."
Vidya ranganathan
Payroll Leader
"We have deployed the performance management solution across our multiple offices, across geographies. The product's simplicity and comprehensiveness enabled us to configure per our organizational policies."
Justin Sebastian
Vice President HR
"We have migrated our entire HR processes onto hrEntries. It has been a very pleasant experience working with the product and the team."
Ethendranath t
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